Friday, September 18, 2009

More on University Applications

Pat Ryan in Student Services asked me to post a follow-up to my earlier post on University applications. She was concerned that I not leave parents with the impression that the University Fair in Toronto is the primary source of information available to parents.

She explained that "Canterbury has 20 Universities visiting throughout the fall from across Canada. Each presentation is approximately an hour long in a classroom setting so the students have the opportunity to ask questions and gather resources. The "university fair" we are hosting at Canterbury is 2 hours long and all 21 Ontario Universities are represented. Canterbury students have unlimited access to these universities and parents are welcome to attend. This is an amazing opportunity for our students."

Pat emphasized that calendars for all the Universities are available for browsing at your leisure at the school, and that each counsellor is in the process of meeting individually with the graduating students to review their post-secondary plans.

Pat recommends that students research prerequisites at Ontario Universities at and register for scholarships at The staff at Student Services would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have, and would be ready to talk about the pros and cons of each university within the context of your child's strengths and personality.

The graduating class assembly will be held on November 4, 2009 where the university/college application process will be explained. The student PIN numbers for university application should be in from OUAC (Ontario University Application Center) the week of November 23.

Thanks Pat for providing us with more information on what is available to parent right here at the school. We'll post more details to the web site later in the month in advance of the University fair here at Canterbury.

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